Our incredible team is truly the heart of Twin Cities Soccer Academy. It’s their dedication, passion and talent that keeps players invested in the learning process.

Are you are interested in joining our summer coaching staff and becoming part of the team? 

Soccer Field


Director of Operations

Hey there! I am Jennifer Diouf the founder and Director of Operations at Twin Cities Soccer Academy.

A little bit about me: I was born and raised in Germany where soccer is popular and has always been a part of growing up.

Working as the Director of Operations for Twin Cities Soccer Academy gives me the best of both worlds.


I wanted a place that would keep my kids active, allow them to socialize and provide them with necessary life skills. I’ve got two boys, one of whom is OBSESSED with soccer and Twin Cities Soccer Academy is a great way for me to teach kids leadership skills, what it means to be part of a team, and to keep them active when there are screens everywhere you turn. We provide a fun, nurturing environment for your soccer enthusiast! At Twin Cities Soccer Academy, it doesn’t matter at which level you play at, but all about your love and passion for the game.



Youth Coach

Reenie is from St. Paul, Minnesota. She graduated from Central High School and is currently attend Carleton College. 
She is studying economics at Carleton and playing on the women's varsity soccer team. She's been playing soccer for 14 years now and played at a variety of different levels in St. Paul as well as surrounding suburbs. 

Reenie has coached at Top Soccer, Central Soccer camps, and was a Captain on my high school soccer team. 
Soccer is a really important part of her life and she is really excited to continue being involved in it this summer! She hops she can facilitate a love for soccer that she's been so lucky to find. 

Outside of soccer Reenie enjoys running, doing jigsaw puzzles and getting coffee with family. 

"I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and having a bunch of fun playing the beautiful game!"



Youth Coach

Coach Baba is a rising senior at the University of Minnesota majoring
in Computer engineering. He grew up in Senegal where he was introduced
to the sport at the age of six.

Baba was heavily involved in the soccer team at the Minneapolis
College where he transferred from. He played as a forward for the college team for 2 years and was named captain of the team thanks to his excellent leadership skills.


During that period, Baba led a group of freshman Soccer players for 3 semesters. He set an example for younger players on how to compete at the college level and often led pre-practice warmups and organized team events.



Youth Coach

Coach Daouda strives in running practice exercises, games, and cultivating a healthy team atmosphere. He maintains an unwavering focus on improving player skills and techniques while always ensuring a safe and supportive environment to encourage socialization and team cohesion.

Daouda is looking forward to elevating each player’s knowledge and skills in the sport of soccer and improving athletic performance.



Youth Coach/Head of Skills Development 

Swen has been working as a youth team coach in Stuttgart Germany for over 12 years with enthusiasm and lots of positive energy. For over 5 years Swen has been a trained soccer skills coach, and a BRAINKINETIK® Soccer Instructor. 


In the past few years, in addition to the team training of his current home club, 1. FC LL 04 Stuttgart, Swen has supervised numerous soccer camps, training camps and various youth teams in external courses as a soccer skills coach.


He also makes it his job to constantly develop himself personally and train in soccer.


Since this season, Swen has focused exclusively on technique training for teams, small groups and individual training for players.


Swen attaches great importance to focusing on long-term development rather than short-term success at an early age; To develop technically skilled, confident and creative players and believes in offensive soccer.